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Annual state-of-the-industry report keeps thought leaders leading

The report sees a quality player perceived as a true pioneer. 

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Far too many communication efforts assess their effectiveness by measuring outputs. Not Trelleborg’s marine systems operation, which ties “The Barometer Report,” its annual state-of-the-industry report, to genuine sales leads, a metric that is sure to maintain the communication function’s seat at the management table. It’s achieved another goal, too, taking first place in the “E-newsletter/Publication” category of PR Daily’s 2016 Content Marketing Awards.

“The Barometer Report” is based on an annual survey of the marine industry, delivering in-depth insights from the market, forecast areas for growth, an analysis of changes in regulations and a review of regional trends. With its fifth report in 2016, Trelleborg applied its focus to the challenges facing the marine industry, along with a look back at changes during the five years since its first publish report. 

The report itself employs best practices for design of an online publication, including big, bold charts and graphs, compelling imagery, key information reinforced with callouts, and terse, readable narrative copy. But the results are what matters: Trelleborg can track every dollar of its marketing spend, and the figures are impressive. Trelleborg can add to the output metrics of a 17.2 percent open rate for email notifications of the report’s availability and a 44 percent conversion rate. 

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