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IMI’s energy campaign strategy wins Grand Prize in PR Daily Awards

Organic outreach, paid distribution and social media were all factors in the success of its campaign for Constellation Energy.

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Internet Marketing Inc., the winner of PR Daily’s 2016 Content Marketing Award Grand Prize—for the best overall content marketing strategy—delivers more than just impressions. IMI’s campaign for Constellation Energy demonstrates a strategy that pulls the levers on multiple content marketing approaches and achieves results across all of them.

IMI was tasked with building Constellation’s brand, increasing traffic to its site (by, among other things, improving its SEO), growing engagement across key social networks and introducing the brand to millennials. An industry analysis determined the best approach was to produce content that answered consumers’ questions, notably questions that younger consumers buying their first homes might have. 

The campaign launched with an infographic that educated customers on light bulbs and fixtures that affect energy costs. That was followed by an “energy Life Hacks” series of images—bite-sized energy-saving tips that were easy to share. Blog posts reinforced key messages. 

To make sure the content spread, IMI engaged in influencer marketing, getting industry influencers and niche bloggers to share material. A native advertising campaign brought the paid aspect of content marketing to bear. 

Facebook and Twitter anchored the social media efforts (including a Twitter scavenger hunt), with content also shared on LinkedIn. Content was also placed in some key online media such as Lifehacker and Urbanbound. Results for this regional effort were impressive across the spectrum. 

Congratulations on a well-executed. multi-faceted content campaign to Jen Fausner, Irene Roberts, Jenna Berlin, Chelsie Higa, Danika Hendricks, Amanda Schneider, Will Price and Katie Malone.

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