Startups often need apps; this infographic attracts them

Organizations shown in the infographic were among those that shared it.

Startup Unicorns- Logo

Far too few infographics—even well designed ones—adhere to the principle of visually displaying quantitative information. But the “Startup Unicorns” infographic Pulp PR created for ROKO Labs bucked the trend. For doing that, Pulp PR has won first place in the “Infographics” category in PR Daily’s 2016 Content Marketing Awards.

ROKO Labs helps app creators build better apps. Because startups often need to deploy apps, ROKO wanted to attract young, growing organizations. The Pulp PR infographic focused on “unicorns”—startups valued at $1 billion, along with “unicorn hunters” (investors who have funded unicorns).

The infographic uses a bubble-chart approach that reveals the relative size of unicorn hunters’ investments.  The real genius of the infographic, though, is the identification of future unicorns based on how much has been invested in them (both seed and Series A funding). 

Using a clever technique to connect investors (and prior unicorns they have funded) to new startups, the infographic quickly grabbed the attention of both startups and investment organizations, which amplified its impact despite the fact that they were neither Pulp PR nor ROKO Labs clients. 

The fact that this niche information reached 27,300 views, along with the design and utility of the graphic, was enough to earn Pulp PR the award. Congratulations!

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