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Igloo Software’s in-house effort delivers compelling print pub focused on readers

Spotlight on the organization is limited to display ads.

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Not many communicators would want to read yet another brochure from an intranet solutions provider. A lot of them, however, undoubtedly did read “Calling All Champions,” the print publication from Igloo Software, the Canada-based intranet company. And more will read it now, since it’s won first place in the “Print Publication” category of PR Daily’s 2016 Content Marketing Awards.

“Calling All Champions” isn’t about Igloo. Instead, it’s a guide to getting employees to engage with intranets—content any internal communicator or intranet manager can use, regardless of which platform powers their intranet. 

Interspersed among the tips (how to measure value, for example, and how to build sustained engagement) are profiles of intranet managers who are also Igloo customers. Aside from that, Igloo’s presence is limited primarily to display ads that look no different than they might if they had been purchased in a magazine. 

“Calling All Champions” is visually dynamic, with strong graphics and colors, and particularly impressive since it was produced entirely in-house. The publication was introduced at IABC’s 2016 World Conference, where Igloo was a lead sponsor. A digital copy is available for download from the Igloo site (where it also serves as a lead-generation tool). 

For producing a publication communicators will actually want to read, kudos to Igloo’s Katie Windley, Emma Herlick and Deanne Hamilton.

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