Promoting infographics drives views for Aflac

Infographic series from annual Workforces Report added meaning to survey results.

2016 Aflac WorkForces Report- Logo

Too many infographics are just narrative text with a few images. The same can’t be said for Aflac, though, which produced a series of five infographics to support the release of its annual WorkForces Report. The series has won Aflac first place in the “Infographics” category of PR Daily’s 2017 Content Marketing Awards.

The WorkForces Report is an analysis of surveys that examines the challenges, needs and trends faced by employers and employees related to finances and health care benefits. The infographics used images and charts to convey survey data in a way that made the information easier to digest without the need to digest long tracts of text. The numbers jump out and the images support them, with just a few words to add context and meaning for each data point. 

Despite the infographics’ visual appeal and useful information, they didn’t gain much traction when first released. The most popular infographic, released in March, was accessed only 12 times, while the most popular in the infographic for April was accessed 226 times. Success meant targeted promotion to the right audience.

In May, though, Aflac promoted the infographic on its website for agents, who could leverage it to open doors with businesses for sales; it was accessed more than 1,700 times. Continued promotion correlated with a jump in views of the infographics, with the highest-performing graphic in November getting 2,425. 

The most popular of the infographics, “5 Reasons to Say Yes to Voluntary Insurance,” wound up with a cumulative 15,341 views. As Aflac notes, “Overall (report) success would not have been possible without our high-performing infographics.” 

Congratulations to Angie Blackmar, Brande Carden, Casie Harbin, Bianka Huling and Ronda Templeton for an appealing and informative infographic series.

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