Paid Family Leave infographic series hits all the right notes

Minimal text, original icons and multiple data visuals get points across quickly.

Far too many infographics are muddled mashups of text and images that take too long to decipher. Successful infographics can be scanned and understood quickly, conveying most of their information through imagery and  employing the idea of visually displaying data. ShelterPoint Life hit all these notes in its series about state-mandated paid family leave in New York, and in so doing has won first place in the “Infographics” category of PR Daily’s 2018 Content Marketing Awards.

The required program represented a significant change in New York’s insurance ecosystem, potentially disrupting the work of carriers, brokers and employers. ShelterPoint, an expert in statutory short-term disability insurance (DBL), saw an opportunity to expand its reputation and also become a paid family leave (PFL) authority.

The infographic series is based on the need to translate complex regulatory language into simple concepts anybody could understand. The infographics established a clear identity for ShelterPoint’s PFL expertise. Creating the visuals started with establishing a visual theme that pushed the company’s identity to the background while reflecting the warm, positive concept of parents spending time with their newborns.

As part of a comprehensive communication effort, the infographics—which conveyed most of their information through data and images instead of words—helped drive 51,000 downloads of ShelterPoint’s PFL resources and a host of other positive metrics.

Congratulations to the team of Katrin Atienza, Stephanie Haber, Rebecca Hanna, Yiu-Wa Tso and Alexander Corrado.

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