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Stunning print magazine contextualizes services from financial services infrastructure company

Beautiful design and printing highlighted a publication that addressed industry themes.

RED - The Magazine from SIX- Logo

A 10-year-old company formed from several firms to serve Swiss financial centers and banks by developing and operating infrastructure services, SIX was looking for a way to shine a light on its four business areas. Taking a page from old-school communication, the organization opted for a print publication—one that’s taken first place in the “Print Publication” category of PR Daily’s 2018 Content Marketing Awards.

Given the nature of its business, the communications team recognized the need to make the magazine, titled RED, stand out. They succeeded in ways that would make fashion magazines envious. From a high-quality paper stock that delivers warm presentations of high-end photography to feature articles that would attract readers with little interest in financial services, RED is a publication any organization would be proud of.

Even the table of contents is noteworthy, with a feature titled “Takeaway: The Magazine in 30 Seconds,” which provides a quick overview of the three most important topics. Full-page photos, standout sidebars, innovative visuals and outstanding data visualizations combine to make RED a publication that cries out to be flipped through and read.

The product is the result of a mandate to not be boring as it addresses a variety of issues and themes prevalent in the industry SIX serves. Sales representatives have been enthusiastic about handing out the magazine, which has also attracted the attention of journalists, politicians and influencers. Since the first two issues were published, SIX has seen its subscription list increase by 20 percent.

Congratulations to the team of Matthias Bill, Angélique El Morabit and Monika Häfliger.

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