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Mayo Clinic clarifies what it means by ‘life-changing’

New categories of content created an emotional connection for job candidates.

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Mayo Clinic is the #1 ranked hospital in the nation (U.S. News & World Report) and seeks the best talent. While Mayo Clinic has a strong employer brand positioning of “Life-Changing”, it’s content execution lacked the dimension, emotional connection and meaning behind it to demonstrate how one could experience a life-changing career at Mayo. There was also a gap in how the employer value proposition was translated to internal employees and external audiences.

The opportunity the team had was to tell a bigger story around the brand idea to get candidates to believe they can experience a life-changing career at Mayo Clinic. Ultimately, the goal was to drive deeper engagement around the brand, inspire the right talent to join and to enable the positioning to truly differentiate the Mayo Clinic employer brand promise.

Working with J. Walter Thompson INSIDE, Mayo developed a content strategy to give meaning, context and depth to their life-changing  EVP.

The first phase of the effort involved a social media strategy that employed storytelling to drive engagement on Facebook and LinkedIn. Mayo introduced seven content themes, like “My Life Today. My Life Tomorrow” (before-and-after stories), “Many Choices. Many Places” (focusing on lifestyle opportunities in the regions where Mayo has facilities) and “Future Focus” (about Mayo’s vision for the future).

The content within all seven categories was driven by a story-first mentality, conveying what it really means to have a life-changing career at Mayo Clinic. The results have been strong, producing above-average reach on Facebook and a 300 percent increase in engagement on LinkedIn.

Congratulations to Pete Price, Ariana Rivera-Goldberg, Nate Harris and Laura DePeters.

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