B2B Services Campaign

Understanding of small global audience propels B2B content marketing campaign

Campaign aimed to position client as the leader in its industry.

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There are a limited number of marine ports in the world, most due for a change following a decade of underinvestment. The decision makers in port systems were starting to ask and talk about automation, which was also a growing focus of web searches. These conditions were perfect for Stein IAS, whose client, TM&I, had already invested resources in owning the content space for all things related to ports. The campaign it launched has won first place in the “B2B Services Campaign” category in PR Daily’s Content Marketing Awards.   

TM&I leaders speak at industry events, get quoted in articles and produce the most prominent white papers and reports in the business. The company has also built solid relationships through deep research into the key players in the industry.

The effort had several stages. The Smarter Approach positioning and brand creative was designed to set the brand apart from its competitors, leaving no doubt about who leads port technology in the marketplace. The company would continue to lead the global conversation on the subject of port automation.

The demand generation campaign combined thought leadership with media partnership and an evolved digital multichannel approach, starting with a report, “Big Data in the Maritime Industry.” An email campaign promoted follow-up assets to those who had read the report. The campaign well and truly ultimately delivered.

Congratulations to TM&I and Stein IAS.

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