Life at Cisco’s author community grows to more than 100 bloggers

Blog tells stories that bring company culture to life for prospective recruits.

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The Life at Cisco blog—one of the best in corporate America—takes the approach that reading a post should be akin to sitting down at a coffee shop and asking a friend how work is going, then telling engaging tales to each other. Although the blog from the Talent Brand team features stories from key hiring areas, the stories shared come almost entirely from employees. This approach has earned Life at Cisco first place in the “Blog” category of PR Daily’s Content Marketing Awards. 

Most of the stories posted to Life at Cisco are sourced through social posts shared by employees using the #WeAreCisco hashtag. The team reaches out to employees to ask about the story behind the photo or message they submitted.

The team encourages the employee to write a draft; it provides an outline and a guidelines template, and guides and edits the author, enhancing the story once the employee submits his or her draft. The goal is to maintain the author’s voice in the post.

Authors are part of a Life at Cisco Community + Ambassadors group, which has grown to more than 100 participants who support one another through difficult times and congratulate each other on uplifting moments.

In 2019, the team implemented a tagging strategy based on role, region and topic. The tags are added to the recruiters’ RSS feed in Outlook, so recruiters get an email any time a new post goes live in the tags to which they have subscribed.

The blog continues to deliver for Cisco, with the best performing post of 2017–18 earning 2,304 views and the top month of January 2019 obtaining 18,712 views.

Congratulations to Macy Andrews, Carmen Collins and Casie Shimansky.

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