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Influencers drive introduction of ‘pop-on’ shoes to

Assets included brand messaging and focus on comfort and convenience.

Supporting Major Retail Launch of New Handsfree Footwear- Logo

KIZIK shoes are “handsfree”—people simply step into them and they “pop on.” The brand would launch on as an additional point of purchase. TruePoint Communications was assigned the challenge of driving awareness of the brand; its goals included solidifying KIZIK’s position as an industry leader and growing overall sales. Its success has won TruePoint first place in the “Influencer Content Marketing” category of PR Daily’s Content Marketing Awards.

The heart of the campaign involved establishing relationships with a variety of digital influencers who could help introduce the relatively new category of handsfree footwear. TruePoint’s team determined that travel and fashion influencers who embodied KZIK’s idea of merging comfort and convenience would best position the pricey shoes.

TruePoint developed messaging that highlighted the technology and high-quality materials built into the product, setting the shoes apart. Ultimately, the team identified 10 top travel and fashion influencers to introduce the launch, sending each influencer their preferred style of KIZIKs along with a travel-themed Nordstrom package to promote the shoes as a top travel shoe. Two of the influencers were then chosen for a paid engagement and given a deal memo outlining key brand messaging that promoted the product launch.

Once the influencer posts had gone live, TruePoint’s digital team monitored comments for engagement opportunities, ranging from answering questions to joining conversations about why consumers should try a pair. The team also followed up with influencers after each post, securing permission to repurpose their photos, further solidifying the team’s relationship with the influencers while providing new assets to share across KIZIK’s social channels.

Ultimately the initiative generated more than 4.7 million media impressions through 34 online and social media placements. The two paid influencers delivered sales of 130 pairs and more than 10,000 visits to KIZIK shoes on

Congratulations to Jessica Nunez, Blair Krumme, Hannah Tichacek, Morgan Gunnels, Eva Coke and Madeline Clark.

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