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360-degree immersive video helps explain benefits of software for maneuvering vessels

Breathtaking video earned twice as many views as marketing agency anticipated.

SafeTug 360⁰ Experience- Logo

The innovative marketing agency Stein IAS settled on a 360-degree, virtual reality-ready video to promote the benefits of SafeTug, the software aid from TM&I that makes bringing in vessels safer and more efficient by giving tug masters complete, real-time visibility over tug teams and the cargo ships and tankers they maneuver. The 360-degree video, which demonstrates the SafeTug experience, has earned first place in the “Virtual/Augmented Reality” category of PR Daily’s Content Marketing Awards.

The video was designed to create awareness among the target audience of tug masters, marine pilots, tug companies and harbor masters. Stein IAS gained access to Teesport, the UK’s third largest port, to record the berthing process of a 57,000-ton tanker.

Using specialized gear, the team filmed the docking process from the bridge of the lead tugboat while drones got aerial shots and additional footage was taken from the tanker. The result: a 360-dgree video that can be viewed on desktop or in VR. The immersive experience demonstrates how SafeTug makes a difference to the safety and efficiency of the harbor approach and berthing processes.

A campaign introduced the video to the target audience, using email, sponsored LinkedIn posts, organic social media and press advertising and coverage. Congratulations to TM&I and Stein IAS.

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