A focus on valuable content helps drive traffic to intranet provider’s website

Nearly 100% of website visitors signed up for a demonstration.

BONZAI Intranet Website Redesign- Logo

BONZAI offers intranet software in a crowded market. An audit of BONZAI’s website by Maven Collective Marketing revealed the site was performing far below its competitors in both organic and paid search traffic. The goals Maven set for a revamped website and its brilliant execution have earned the agency first place in the “Website” category of PR Daily’s Content Marketing Awards.

BONZAI’s organic search traffic was delivering only 28% of website traffic each month, 20% less than the industry benchmark and 30% less than most of BONZAI’s competitors. When compared to its closest competitors, the content marketing and SEO strategies were underperforming.

Goals for the revamp included establishing BONZAI intranet as a leader in its market, communicating the benefits of choosing BONZAI, improving site search, crafting valuable content and converting site visits to leads. To achieve these goals, Maven developed a new brand positioning strategy and buyer journey map designed to inform the website content strategy. Maven also analyzed the sites of BONZAI’s competitors and conducted a SWOT analysis to help form the basis of the website messaging and content.

Valuable content was an important component of the plan, leading to the development of an Intranet Content Audit Template, Intranet Governance Template, Intranet Teams Handbook and more. Blog posts, white papers and statistics also found their way onto the site. All of this was aggregated under the label, “The Stress-Free Intranet.“

The redevelopment of the brand positioning, buyer journey mapping and website has resulted in nearly every visitor to the site opting to see the demo, essentially turning them into leads. Organic search traffic has grown by more than 20%, qualified leads have grown 35% and revenue has increased by 176%.

Congratulations to Maven Collective Marketing, in particular, the Mavens that made this project an absolute success, Cathy FitzGerald, Fady Azmy and Erica Hakonson.

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