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Basement Systems pushes Junior Achievement

Film series touts business values and promotes an organization that pushes kids to stay in school and understand financial literacy.

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Corporate responsibility takes many forms, from recruiting volunteers for a local food bank to addressing global problems such as hunger.

But amid the worthy crusades, it’s refreshing to find a company championing a cause that combines youth, finances and main street values.

The Connecticut firm Basement Systems worked with Junior Achievement of Western Connecticut, producing videos to represent each of the business-oriented youth club’s four directives: financial literacy, entrepreneurship, work readiness and staying in school. 

The videos promoted Junior Achievement at no cost to the organization. The campaign helped increase awareness and educate the community on the benefits the organization provides. 

The videos offer glimpses of real classrooms, youthful narrators and real kids who dream about starting something as all-American as a corner diner. In a time of economic uncertainty, it highlights future entrepreneurs who may take greater risks than most salaried employees ever will.

With the videos, the western Connecticut club sought to update Junior Achievement antiquated reputation dating back to the 1950’s. If future businessmen and -women see these films and enter the workforce with a more clearheaded idea of how to meet payroll or take out a loan, Junior Achievement—and Basement Systems—can take a bow.

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