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RSA Insurance acts locally by taking its CSR efforts to the regional level

Company expands number of institutions receiving support for their efforts.

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Existing charitable giving and volunteer activities were already noteworthy at RSA Insurance, which builds community into its tagline, “Making Things Better, Together.” Employees in the company’s regions are encouraged to donate time to local organizations, and a matching-funds program ensures both staff and the organization are contributing hard dollars to a number of nonprofits. The company even acknowledges that its employees are committed to their communities with the label “Big Hearted.” 

For 2014, though, the company took the local concept a step further, introducing a process that led to identifying employees’ top three charities or causes in each region. Volunteer committees in each region drove awareness of the campaign with a modest budget provided by the company. 

The strategy paid off with accelerated volunteerism and donations. For example, the Ontario regional office organized a Thanksgiving food drive that produced 3,750 food items for a local food bank, while in Quebec City, 24 participants ran in the Breast Cancer Foundation’s Run for the Cure, raising nearly $6,500. 

For applying grassroots sensibility to a corporate campaign, RSA Insurance is deserving of recognition with our award for Best Stakeholder/Employee Engagement in PR Daily’s 2014 Corporate Social Responsibility Awards.

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