Global CSR

Delphi weaves responsibility throughout its global operations

Operating in 46 countries, Delphi encouraged action at the local level.

Delphi's 2016 Global CSR Initiatives- Logo

One common criticism of corporate social responsibility efforts is that an organization may take a specific action in order to check off the CSR box without changing anything about how it functions. At Delphi Automotive, CSR is pushed down to each country and facility, where leaders and employees take tangible steps to infuse day-to-day processes and activities with the core values of CSR: ethics and compliance, respect, and health and safety. Delphi’s consistent efforts have earned it first place in the “Global CSR Initiative” category of PR Daily’s 2017 Corporate Social responsibility Awards.

Delphi employees are inspired not only to give back to their communities, but to innovate “so consumers reap the benefits of sustainability including greater fuel economy, reduced emissions, and increased safety through fewer automobile fatalities while working toward a zero-waste world by investing in recycling technologies, processing methods, and market opportunities,” the organization explains.

Building sustainability into its processes and products was all part of Delphi’s 2016 global CSR theme, “Making it Possible: Transforming Mobility.” The employees at the heart of the effort got information and learned about outcomes via the intranet, a global CSR Yammer group, global communication channels, global and local events and an annual CSR report. 

The impact of Delphi’s CSR commitment is far-reaching, including 30 tons of trash cleaned up, 1,500 trees and plants donated (which absorb nearly 72,000 pounds of C02 each year), global greenhouse gas emissions per employees lowered by .18 metric tons per employee and global waste disposal reduced. In addition, four Delphi sites became ISO compliant. 

The organization’s belief in its employees is humbling. Congratulations to Delphi Automotive and its workforce for the win.

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