Best Corporate Social Responsibility Campaign

Three-year-old sustainability campaign transforms organization’s operations

The drive to become sustainable remade this 131-year-old chemical company, even into FMC’s long-range strategy and vision.

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It’s safe to say that FMC Corp., a chemical and agricultural products manufacturer in Philadelphia, didn’t foresee the effect that the sustainability campaign it launched in 2011 would have on almost every aspect of its business. But nobody else did, either. 

The evidence of the redirection of the whole company is on display in FMC’s 2013 Sustainability Report, “Shaping Solutions for the Future.” This report has earned FMC Corp. and its marketing communications agency adviser, Waldinger Creative, top honors in the Best CSR Campaign category of PR Daily’s 2014 Digital Awards. 

The reader of this 2013 report learns what happens when a big global enterprise (5,600 employees) takes sustainability seriously. Everything changes—for the better.

The variety of functions FMC looks at differently today than it did in 2010 because of its sustainability initiative is simply astonishing. So are the new energy and new ideas at FMC that owe their existence to sustainability.

This report deserves a very careful reading by organizations that want to know what a commitment to sustainability really means. 

The 2013 report can be downloaded at

Kudos for this fine report (and for the accompanying video introduction to the report and another video that looks at the new attitudes in action at FMC Singapore) go to Waldinger Creative’s Lopaka Purdy, account executive; Hannah Comstock-Gray, graphic designer; and Steven Kuppers, director of interactive.

At FMC Corp., congratulations are in order for Karen Totland, VP, corporate sustainability; Linda Froelich, director, global sustainability; Jennifer Gazzero, sustainability analyst; and Florence Runyiri, IT specialist.

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