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Video answers the question: What happens to my blood after I donate it?

City of Hope’s internally produced video proves irresistible to big-name external websites.

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City of Hope has produced a number of excellent videos, but none have earned the same levels of engagement as this low-budget, three-minute production that follows blood from the site of its donation to the hospital room where it is delivered to a patient. The video is compelling and fast-paced, taking advantage of the kind of editing that is popular among consumers of short-form content—and it was all done by City of Hope staff using their own personal equipment. 

The winner of the Best Video category in PR Daily’s 2014 Digital Awards inspired comments on YouTube, Facebook, and other channels ranging from fascination to gratitude (as was the case from one individual who remarked that her grandmother had just undergone a surgery that required blood transfusion). On YouTube, the video has been viewed nearly 30,000 times and shared nearly 150 times. Interestingly, the number of views continues to steadily increase over time, rather than suffering the fate of most videos and experiencing a decline in the rate of viewing. That’s because the word is spreading and the video is finding its way onto a variety of sites like Gizmodo, Tech News Now, the Red Cross, medGadget, Daily Motion, and others. 

Andrew Featherston has earned our deepest congratulations for excellent work with limited resources.

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