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‘Chloe’s Wedding Day’ video exemplifies the impact a doctor has on a patient’s life

A doctor at the Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children successfully treated a young girl’s cancer—and was asked by her family to be the one to walk her down the aisle when her wedding day comes. His response was captured on video and became a viral sensation.

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Many hospitals produce heartwarming videos to show how their nurses and physicians save lives.

Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children is no exception.

To show just how much the hospital can become a second home for children and their families during cancer treatment, the “Chloe’s Wedding Day” video came to life.

Chloe was diagnosed with a brain tumor on Christmas Eve at just 4 years old. Dr. Alex Levy, a pediatric oncologist/hematologist, treated her, and in the video, he shares the story of Chloe’s journey with childhood cancer.

Chloe’s family was so grateful for Dr. Levy’s giving their daughter a second chance at life, they invited him to walk her down the aisle when the time comes. This day, Dr. Levy says, “is the day I will retire.”

“Chloe’s Wedding Day” had more than 70,000 views within the first week and was picked up by 10 news stations nationwide.

It wins the prize for Best Marketing Video in Ragan’s 2013 Health Care PR and Marketing Awards.

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