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Medtronic builds an operating room on an iPad

An app for Medtronic Neurosurgery sales representatives shows what the equipment can do, in the environments where it’ll be used.

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When Medtronic Neurosurgery reorganized its sales team, it aimed to create an iPad app that would help sales pros, who were now a little less stratified, show everything they had to offer in an easy, understandable way, as well as give customers a way to virtually organize a hospital or operating room. They turned to The Optera Group for some real innovation.

The app the company ended up with did just that, by tossing out the grids and product pages and putting the products in a place that surgeons know intimately: operating rooms. Using photorealistic 3D technology, the company’s sales team is able to tell a story while showcasing products. Surgeons can get a real idea of how the equipment will be used.

For its approach, The Optera Group is the winner of the Best Mobile App category in Ragan’s 2013 Health Care PR and Marketing Awards.

The Medtronic iNS iPad Application includes 500 screens of content, two software simulators, 20 interactive surgical-instrument trays, and 50 videos. About 70 percent of the company’s sales team has started using the app.

The app has also influenced internal communication within Medtronic. Presentations to executives now use 3D layouts similar to what’s in the app.

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