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Nexus Treatment website reaches across audiences to inform and reassure

When a young person needs help, this well-designed, attractive site provides answers and drives the admission process.

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Creating a website to meet the needs of multiple audiences spanning several states isn’t easy—especially when the national nonprofit’s mission is to help youth rehabilitate and reintegrate through a continuum of diversified services from residential programs to in-home counseling.

The Nexus Treatment website earned top honors among a field of strong contenders in the Best Website (Specialized Care) category of Ragan’s 2013 Health Care PR and Marketing Awards.

Why? Because, like the other finalists, it provided information and reassurance, but it stood alone in its depth, breadth, and versatility.

Nexus offers residential treatment programs, group home living programs, transitional living programs, treatment foster care, inpatient acute psychiatric care, in-home counseling services, alternative-to-residential treatment services, adoption, referrals to other treatment providers, and ongoing support.

The Nexus website must meet the needs of referral agents, such as probation officers, social service workers, therapists, and counselors, as well as parents, foster parents, and prospective employees. It needs to provide a direct path to admission professionals, moving admissions to completion.

With site colors and subsites unique for each location or service line, the Nexus website has easy visual navigation and strong site identities within the national identity. It includes a wealth of resources, including videos, slide shows, client testimonials, contact information, and online forms.

The website receives more than 100,000 visits annually from across the U.S., with an average visit of nearly four minutes. In tracking admissions and calls of interest generated by the site, Nexus has validated a return on investment far exceeding its development cost.

If your organization has a complex, multifaceted operation with numerous locations, this is a site worth emulating.

We congratulate the team that collaborated on the winning effort: Jack Ewing, vice president, business development; Jen Wreisner, graphic design; and Ron Dutcher, Web development.

Visit the website here.

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