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Medication website highlights the ‘Moment of Truth’ when patients can no longer ignore walking difficulties

The site was created to improve awareness of solutions for younger patients dealing with MS and its challenges.

AMPYRA New Campaign Launch - Website- Logo


Websites for medications usually take a cookie-cutter approach to avoid problems with regulations. Acorda Therapeutics turned to Klick Health to create a microsite highlighting AMPYRA, the only FDA-approved prescription medicine prescribed to improve walking in multiple sclerosis patients. Klick’s success has won Klick first place in the “Best Website” category of Ragan’s 2016 Health Care PR and Marketing Awards. 

Part of a broader core website, the microsite reflects the theme “Moment of Truth,” described as “that crucial moment when a patient can no longer ignore the impact of MS-related walking difficulty.” The responsive site (which works on any device) employs some of the most modern website techniques, including a video background that portrays the struggles MS patients typically experience—such as missing trains or not being able to keep up with their children. 

The site is interactive, walking visitors through a quiz to assess the degree of the problem, explaining the connection between MS and walking, and providing authentic perspectives in a video with real patients. Linked to the top-level site, “Moments of Truth” resulted in dramatic traffic increases and downloads. 

For taking a progressive approach to a medication site, congratulations to Klick Health’s Jason Yim, Brigit Cole, Maria Taishidler, Marc Genesse, Rachael Harrison, Aaron Keoslag, Caroline Fu, Lawrence Li, Jessica Kot, Brad Suisham, Konstantino Kapetaneas, Margot Arntfield, Clarissa Moodie, Erica Stevenson and Sharon Virtue; and from JUICE Pharma, Adam Kline, Joan Wildermuth, Juliana Mace, Christ Paul and Colleen Carter; and from Acorda Therapeutics, Jonathan Kuhn.


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