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VSP’s EnVision newsletter hits its ambitious goals

This year’s targets included higher engagement and increased website traffic.

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VSP (Vision Service Plan) has perfected the email newsletter formula. The evidence? Its newsletter EnVision has won first place in the “Digital Publication” category of Ragan’s 2017 Health Care PR & Marketing Awards. 

VSP’s goal this year was to add 120,000 new subscribers to the 3.2 million who already get EnVision (it wound up adding nearly 1 million) while also raising engagement, measured by open rates, click-to-open rates and other conversion metrics. The editors also wanted to drive more traffic from the newsletter to VSP’s online assets, including its website, blog and social media profiles. 

To accomplish all that while promoting eye health and wellness as well as eyewear fashion and technology, VSP introduced an updated look and feel to the newsletter, including a “hero” image under the banner (representing VSP customers). In addition to the monthly editions of the bulletin, the team rolled out six “extra” editions, with content targeting specific segments of the VSP audience base. 

EnVision racked up eye-popping open and click-thru rates (26.5 percent and 20 percent respectively). Open and click-thru rates were similar for the six “extra” editions. The unsubscribe rate was equally amazing: a mere 0.31 percent.  

The results were the outcome of some serious strategic planning and the use of such eye-catching elements as infographics, polls, links to rebates, sweepstakes and reader-inspired stories. 

Kudos to Deanna Mullen and Alicia Allen for proving that they get email marketing.

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