Best Use of Video—Over One Minute

Cardinal Health tells workforce: Our LGBT employees are family

A touching video sends the message that bullying, exclusion, or making life difficult for LGBT employees are all unacceptable at Cardinal Health. 

Be An Ally- Logo

The fight over bigotry and discrimination against LGBT people may be far from finished, but a moving four-minute video from Cardinal Health, a leading health care services company, shows that change is gathering strength, and it’s coming faster than many believed possible. The video, titled “Be an Ally,” is an inspiring call to practical action on behalf of LGBT workers among Cardinal Health’s 34,000 employees. It has also made Cardinal Health the winner of the “Best Use of Video” category in Ragan’s 2015 Intranet Awards.

Cardinal Health’s top leaders had the courage to recognize that this video was necessary for their organization. They showed their courage by spelling out their LGBT policies uncompromisingly:

  • “Every person has value and can contribute to a successful organization.”
  • “We don’t care about your color, your weight, or who you love. Talented? Cardinal wants you!”
  • “An ally accepts the LGBT person and advocates for equal rights and fair treatment.”
  • “Allies help others see the importance of equality, fairness, acceptance and mutual respect.”
  • “Homophobic comments and jokes are hateful. Let everyone know you find them offensive.”

“Be an Ally” received 337 views and 104 likes on Cardinal Health’s internal social network, and 612 YouTube views. Cardinal Health shared social posts linked to a video on LinkedIn that got 39,000 impressions, 79 clicks, and 49 interactions. Since the video went live, 737 Cardinal Health employees have signed the “Be an Ally” pledge.

Congratulations to Cardinal Health staffers Lachandra Baker, Eileen Lehmann, Gregg McConnell, Charlotte Click, Jennifer Jimenez-Miller and to two top executives at Cardinal Health: Carole Watkins, CHRO, and Steve Falk, EVP, general counsel and equality network executive sponsor. Cardinal Health would like to extend a special thanks to Mills James Productions for their assistance with the video production. 



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