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B2B company creates killer content marketing campaign

Provade Inc., the maker of a vendor management system, wanted to establish itself as an industry thought leader, as well as boost sales. Here’s how the company pulled it off.

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It’s easy to go around preaching the benefits of a content marketing strategy, but creating one that works is a completely different ball game.

When Provade Inc. needed to promote its vendor management system and establish itself as an industry thought leader, it hired Primum Marketing Communications to create a content marketing campaign that could do the job. The campaign Primum created earned first place in the Best Brand Messaging or Positioning category of PR Daily’s 2013 Media Relations Awards.

Provade had very specific goals it wanted to accomplish in the campaign. It wanted its newsletter to achieve a 15 percent open rate, website traffic to increase by 20 percent, blog traffic to increase by 20 percent, social media followers to increase by 30 percent, and leads to increase by 10 percent.

Primum’s campaign exceeded all of these goals.

The first thing the Primum team did was refresh Provade’s website. One key change was to add more form submissions on landing pages to encourage new business.

The team also created an editorial calendar for the blog, and developed a process for interviewing Provade staff members for stories. It also created a blog-writing team to keep the blog’s voice consistent and posts more frequent.

Additionally, the Primum team created a fresh newsletter to go out to customers and prospects every quarter, and established a posting schedule for Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.

The content marketing campaign also included white papers and videos when needed.

Primum’s campaign exceeded all of the set goals. The newsletter achieved a 23 percent open rate (surpassed goal by 8 percent), website traffic increased 59 percent (surpassed goal by 39 percent), and blog traffic increased 33 percent (surpassed goal by 13 percent). Provade received 372 new leads, which was a 15 percent increase (surpassed goal by 5 percent).

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