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Bhava Communications and Mulesoft avoid tech jargon and gain a wider audience

Bhava Communications and its client Mulesoft introduced two little-understood products in a model press release that explained in plain words why the products broke new ground.

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Problem: Your client has two new products that defy easy explanation. How do you introduce and publicize them to an audience wider than your client’s own niche industry?

You start with a press release written in plain English—a press release that uses ordinary words to explain a complex industry, the “integration platform” business, the main products of which are called APIs (Application Programming Interfaces).

You explain that APIs connect applications, data sources, and other APIs inside and outside (that is, on the Web) of any company to each other so that businesses can do better data collection and analysis by connecting to any of tens of thousands of open API applications on and off the Web.

APIs make it possible for businesses to more powerfully and quickly collect, store, and analyze a much greater range of business data from all over the world.

The Bhava team wrote a crystal-clear press release for Mulesoft, the creator of the industry’s most comprehensive APIs, explaining the business advantages of Mulesoft’s versatile, powerful, hyper-connective APIs.

For that feat of simplification without falsification by reduction, Bhava has won top honors in the Best Press Release category of PR Daily’s 2013 Media Relations Awards.

Bhava’s choice to use common terms to describe Mulesoft APIs that put Mulesoft customers in touch with more data and thousands of powerful new data-analysis apps had stellar results:

  • Mulesoft’s press release appeared more than 230 times in online media outlets.
  • These online postings reached 45 million unique visitors.
  • Mulesoft’s “Anypoint Platform” key messages appeared in 29 expanded feature articles in outlets like Dow Jones Newswires, Forbes, TechCrunch, and GigaOm.
  • Forty-four total pieces of coverage resulted in more than 42 million media impressions.
  • Mulesoft has maintained its industry-leader status in platform integration.
  • Mulesoft is one of the go-to companies for tier-1 media insight.

Congratulations to Bhava Communications for having the uncommon good sense not to confuse the media with incomprehensible technical jargon, and for making clear the importance of Mulesoft’s new API Service Registry and API Manager.

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