Social Influencer Campaign

Glad taps influencers to promote its trash bags for donations

Campaign prompted nearly half a million requests for special yellow bags.

Glad to Give- Logo

People use trash bags for all kinds of things beyond trash. Donations of clothing and other soft items are often delivered in trash bags, a behavior Glad used to reinforce its ForceFlex bags. The Glad Product Company’s “Glad to Give” campaign took advantage of that fact. As a result of that effort, its partner, Current’s Akela Influencer Marketing Practice, has won first place in the “Social Influencer Campaign” category of PR Daily’s 2017 Media Relations Awards.

The motivations for the “Glad to Give” campaign were simple. In today’s values-driven marketplace, 86 percent of Americans are inclined to switch to a brand associated with a cause they support, assuming price and quality are about the same. By offering to give people a special yellow ForceFlex bag specifically for donations, Glad to Give generated awareness of its bag quality and converted customers using competitors’ products. 

The organization partnered with Current Marketing to reach out to people with significant numbers of followers whose posts sparked high levels of engagement. Glad gave these influencers the opportunity to tell interesting and authentic stories about how they engaged their communities. 

The #GladtoGive hashtag topped off the campaign, producing 15 million influencer impressions—5 million more than its goal—and 14,000 uses of the hashtag. The Glad to Give website saw 340,000 organic visits, and the organization saw 18,000 searches for donation locations and more than 430,000 requests for the special yellow bags.

Congrats to the team of Alexis Valenti, Lisa Dini, Leigh Lehman and Mika Abogado.

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