Media Relations Campaign of the Year – Under $10k

Entercom undertakes its first corporate communication campaign

With its eyes set on revitalizing radio, the organization attracted high-profile coverage.

Winning with Audio: Entercom as America's New Media Powerhouse- Logo

Until the end of 2017, Entercom was a mid-sized radio broadcaster operating in local markets. Then, Entercom acquired CBS Radio for $2.4 billion, catapulting it to the second largest radio broadcaster in the U.S. and the nation’s unrivaled leader in news and sports radio: Entercom now reaches more than 112 million people monthly through more than 235 radio stations, digital platforms and live events. Suddenly a powerhouse media company, Entercom knew it needed to establish its new identity. Its success has earned it first place in the “Campaigns under $10,000” category in PR Daily’s 2018 Media Relations Awards.

The organization undertook a communications campaign to achieve several crucial goals: Rebrand radio as a relevant and innovative medium, position Entercom as a national player and drive a narrative for the CBS Radio acquisition, positioning the deal as an investment opportunity. Even more challenging: Entercom had no in-house communications and PR function; one was assembled concurrent with the acquisition.

The team’s results as a nascent department with a limited budget were remarkable. It obtained high-profile coverage in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Ad Age, Variety, Forbes and more, including an eight-minute segment on CNBC’s “Mad Money,” with host Jim Cramer proclaiming, “As long as there are cars with human drivers, there will be radio, and Entercom could be the best way for institutional investors to profit from that longevity.”

The communications team has proven itself, becoming a core part of the organization and managing numerous crises in addition to executing 83 local PR initiatives.

Congratulations to the team of Esther-Mireya Tejeda, Jennifer Morales and Natasha Pinero.

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