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POSSE philosophy propels brand from obscurity

Brand journalism approach ensures steady stream of meaningful content.

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Kabrita USA’s mission is as caused-focused as it is profit-motivated: Encourage millennial mothers to consider the nutritional and health benefits of goat milk for their children. A startup with only 11 employees, its work has taken first place in the “Content Marketing/Brand Journalism” category of PR Daily’s 2016 Digital PR and Social Media Awards.

Thirty to 50 percent of children less than three years old have cow milk sensitivity. By providing high-quality goat milk, Kabrita aims not only to offer an alternative to cow milk but also to educate its target audience about nutrition. 

The brand journalism approach taken by the staff adheres to the POSSE philosophy: Publish on your Own Site, Syndicate Elsewhere. The team produced content first for its own blog, the Nourish Blog, which is updated as frequently as three times a week with a variety of content types that includes stories from mothers, spotlights on various symptoms that goat milk can address, recipes and parenting stories. 

After the posts are published at the Nourish Blog, they’re syndicated through Facebook. That’s not an uncommon tactic, but they’re also distributed to the website and blogs of retailers that carry the product (much less common), leading to exposure among customers at the point of purchase. The posts also are syndicated on MomsMeet, a site that curates useful content for mothers. 

The posts resulted in an eruption of conversation, managed through sophisticated monitoring and response guidelines and tools. The content of the conversations serves as fodder for the company’s knowledge base and also for in-person training sessions at retailers. The conversation is so robust that it has started to serve as a source of inspiration for new posts. 

The data support the success, notably nearly a 1,400 percent increase in Facebook comments. 

We congratulate Kabrita USA’s Kali Pearson, Andrea Isbester, Carolyn Ansley, Liz Carino and Dr. Annie Salsberg, ND.


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