Specialty Campaign

Esports offers exciting opportunity for AT&T

In collaboration with its agency TruePoint Communications, the team engaged a highly active niche of gamers to raise awareness and drive positive sentiment, winning our award for “Specialty Campaign.”

AT&T 2019 Esports Campaigns- Logo

In 2019, AT&T identified an opportunity to engage with the esports community, a group that it already was connected to through its internet offerings, and a niche that it prized for its unapologetic passion and drive.

The company partnered with Cloud 9, NBA 2k League and ESL Mobile Open to position itself as a “highly-involved” brand. The team hired three esports experts and used social listening to engage in authentic conversations around ongoing esports events. AT&T also worked with influencers onsite at esports events like IEM Chicago, DreamHack Atlanta and others to drive brand awareness and engagement.

The team was able to capture 650 positive interactions from the niche gaming community with playful conversations online that resulted in messages like “Switches to AT&T now that I know they are Halo fans.” Online interactions were then translated into in-person meetups at AT&T’s booth at esports events.

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