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Robins & Morton’s short, clear video nails down worker health care choices under ACA

This company created a video model for organizations that want to inform employees about their health care benefits options in a dignified, simple, crystal-clear manner.

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The winner of the prize for Best HR/Benefits Communication Video in PR Daily’s 2013 Video Awards is the construction and engineering firm Robins & Morton, headquartered in Birmingham, Ala.

R&M and its agency, Cayenne Creative (of the same city), made a three-minute health benefits video that outlines R&M’s CDHP (Consumer-Driven Health Plan) PLUS, and looks at the two other health plan options: PPOs and state-sponsored insurance marketplace (ACA coverage).

The strengths of this video include smoothly flowing graphics that unfailingly reinforce the message; the simplicity of that message; the video’s jargon-free clarity; and its undeviating emphasis on what employees will get from each of the three types of national coverage, and from the three coverage options R&M offers: PPOs, CDHP + HRA (Health Retirement Account), and CDHP PLUS + HSA (Health Savings Account). 

In three minutes, R&M’s Aimee Comer, HR director, and Mark Eckman, employee benefits director, make it clear without a hard sell that for workers who adopt the simple wellness exercise program at R&M, the best plan is R&M’s own CDHP PLUS + HSA.

Yes, R&M wants its workers to consider CDHP PLUS very seriously at open enrollment. But the video repeats its basic fair-minded theme over and over: R&M also wants even more to give its workers more control over their health, their health spending, their future, and their retirement health spending. The tone of the video’s appeal is adult, restrained, and convincing.

Organizations that have decided health plan information is too complicated for employees to pay attention to in a serious video should study the Robins & Morton/Cayenne Creative solution in this video.

They will learn how to boil down health care complexity into memorable choices without sugarcoating that information with self-conscious humor, parody, or irony.

Congratulation to Aimee and Mark and to Cayenne Creative for shooting this always interesting video that delivers simplicity without oversimplification, features a watchable narrative that sells R&M’s own plan fairly and squarely, and really does offer employees useful, dollars-and-cents comparisons of their health plan options. 

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