Best Internal Communications Video & Grand Prize Winner!

PayPal’s 90-second video engages and connects employees worldwide

The organization’s ‘PayPal in 90 Seconds’ video doesn’t waste employees’ time, but tells them what they need to know in a quick snapshot. 

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PayPal respects employees’ time.

That’s quickly made apparent when watching “PayPal in 90 Seconds,” the company’s weekly video series and winner of the prize for Best Internal Communications Video in PR Daily’s 2013 Video Awards. 

It’s short, entertaining, and gives an overview of the happenings across 48 locations and among 14,000 employees. It’s decidedly noncorporate, filled with catchy music, and there’s no talking head.

The series was created after a 2012 employee focus group revealed that many of PayPal’s employees felt disconnected. PayPal employs 13,000 people in 48 offices worldwide. The survey also showed that some workers didn’t know the company vision or recognize the names and faces of leadership. 

To help connect the workforce, familiarize them with key leaders, and show them how their work contributes to a common cause, “PayPal in 90 seconds” was born. 

Execution and results

The 90-second video is put together in-house and includes three to five headlines featuring employees. The company vision kicks off each video. 

The internal communication team conducts video chat interviews globally using FaceTime or Skype and records those sessions. Editing is done with a laptop, editing software, and a USB microphone. Each video is filled with up-tempo music, quick transitions with matching sound effects, great graphics, and energetic narration.

A video is put together—from concept to execution—in just one week. 

The videos are emailed to each region (APAC, EMEA, Americas) on their respective Friday mornings.

Approximately 6,000 to 7,000 people view the videos weekly. Feedback has been positive, and team leaders from call centers download the video and show it in their weekly half-hour “team learning” sessions. (Call center employees have specific schedules, and often don’t have speakers at their computers.)

We congratulate the winning team on their efforts: Mark Kraynak, Joe Stanek, Kristen Gohr, Sarah Fleming, Brigid Agosta, Ted Sargent, Theresa Khoo, Nic DeRoose, and Griselda Zhou.

In addition to being named the Best Internal Communications Video, we congratulate PayPal
on being chosen as the Grand Prize winner by our judges at Qumu!


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