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To celebrate the arts, a 7-minute artistic achievement

For the Ontario Arts Council’s golden anniversary, the agency exhibited the works and performances of its beneficiaries and volunteers. The results are moving and captivating.

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Talking heads are the downfall of most interview-based videos.

The speakers drone on and on, and the only motion is the movements of their lips, and maybe an occasional head tilt or hand gesture.

Imagine instead a video brimming with beautiful images, people slithering like reptiles, sublime music, a work of art in progress—with the speakers passionately describing the nature of the arts, its 30,000-year history, and their passion for sharing it with an audience.

Envision a video about the arts that is itself a work of art, and you’ll see the winner of PR Daily’s 2013 Video Award for Best Interview Video.

The video features members of the Ontario artistic community offering—in English or French, and with subtitles for both—their gratitude and congratulations to the Ontario Arts Council on its 50th anniversary, as well as insights about performing and creating various art forms. They also speak passionately and vibrantly about the importance of the arts as a component of the human experience. 

Its exhilarating presence on YouTube serves to publicize the good works of the council and the various artistic enterprises within the province not only to its neighbors, but also to the world, making Ontario an artistic destination. 

We offer our congratulations (and a belated happy anniversary) to the Ontario Arts Council, with special nods to Peter Caldwell, director and CEO; Kirsten Gunter, director of communications; and Ashleigh Hodgins, communications coordinator. May you enjoy another half-century of enriching the lives of your patrons.

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