Best Recruitment Video

Fast-paced recruitment video for GM hits its target demographic

This recruitment video might change your opinions about Detroit and the future of the auto industry. 

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When you think about places to relocate to, does Detroit top your list? 

Probably not. 

But that’s not stopping General Motors from trying. Faced with the challenge of recruiting new IT talent to its organization, it created a high-energy recruitment video. With the help of JWT INSIDE, a work-focused agency, the video wins PR Daily’s 2013 Video Award for Best Recruitment Video. 

The video highlights the energy of the city, addresses the perception that General Motors is an “old boys” club, and keeps a youthful, upbeat tone for the audience. 

Congratulations to Julia Toth, Aisha Waller, Nica Russell, Denise Bureta, and Media Creative Communications. 

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