Educational Video

IBM’s educational videos are designed to inspire employee advocacy—and they work!

‘Think Academy’ series keeps staff up to speed on the organization’s key strategic initiatives.

Think Academy How It Works Video Series- Logo

For an organization in the technology business, keeping up is vital to success—as is educating its workforce on the technologies it offers. IBM’s “Think Academy” video series does just that—so well that it’s the winner in the “Educational Video” category of PR Daily’s 2016 Video Awards.

“Think Academy” informs IBM’s 400,000 employees about the organization’s strategic endeavors. A new video is launched each month as part of the “How It Works” series, each of which is connected to additional learning materials that make up a fully-realized course. 

The videos earn tremendous uptake, with one video alone—about blockchain technology—getting more than 56,000 views. The budget for the videos is as impressive as the productions themselves, but the effectiveness of the finished products is impossible to ignore. 

What’s more, IBM makes them available externally (so they’re easy for employees to access anywhere while also serving to educate outside audiences). You can see for yourself just how effective they are in this example. 

Congratulations to Amy Loomis and Ashley Bright for a series of truly educational and informative videos.

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