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Video conveys values by showing employees living them

Holiday finale of “Spread the Cheer” program tugged at employees’ heartstrings. 

Spread the Cheer: Soldier Homecoming- Logo

Inside AT&T, communicators seek to convey real-world experiences that reflect the values the organization promotes. Its core mission is “to connect people with their world,” and the company’s “Spread the Cheer” video series is an example of enabling employees to do just that. It’s so good that it’s won first place in the “Internal Communication Video (under $5,000)” category of PR Daily’s 2016 Video Awards.

Spread the Cheer” is part of a larger effort to demonstrate internally and externally that the organization is more than a faceless telecommunications giant and that its employees are caring and thoughtful human beings. 

The program starts with a simple question: What would you do with some extra money to make someone else’s day a little brighter? Employees submitted their ideas, and favorites were selected to make those ideas into reality while being recorded for the video. 

The holiday finale video does a brilliant job of doing just that. The cinéma vérité approach—no narration or hired talent, just the events that actually unfolded—features an employee who wanted to “bring a hero home” for the holidays. Working with a local organization that helps military personnel in need of assistance, the team planned the surprise appearance of Petty Officer Jonelle Eliason at her family’s home at Christmastime. You can watch it here. 

The video didn’t only tug at employee heartstrings, but was viewed 70,000 times on Facebook. The entire series has garnered over 440,000 views. 

Congratulations to AT&T’s Matt Lawson, Jack Gambardella and Lauren Schleyer.

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