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Southern Utah University takes a unique approach to its marketing video

Professors read letters from their students—then met them in a surprise encounter.

Why Choose SUU: Personalized Attention- Logo

After a while, marketing and recruitment videos from universities all begin to look the same. That’s not the case with Southern Utah University’s “Why Choose SUU?” video. It’s a unique approach to recruiting students, and now it’s the winner in the “Marketing Video” category of PR Daily’s 2016 Video Awards.

The idea was ingenious: Invite students to write thank-you letters to their favorite mentors and teachers on campus. The professors were filmed thinking they were reading a script about the value of attending Southern Utah University. After a sentence or two, though, they knew something else was going on. (One even wondered aloud if the letter was real.) 

Once they finished reading their letters, they were given their next surprise: Each student who wrote a letter joined the professor for a brief conversation. The video conveys real spontaneity, genuine surprise, and heartfelt feelings about what these professors meant to their students. 

All the technical aspects of production fell into place with tight editing and intimate videography. The finished product clearly resonated, producing 29,700 Facebook views, 464 shares and 70 comments. The video also has more than 3,000 views YouTube, a remarkable achievement for a lesser-known university. 

Jessica Young, Josh Wolfe, Royce Gillins, Nikki Koontz and Porter Sproul deserve all the recognition for their highly original effort they can get.

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