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Live web ads draws 100 times more views than previous year’s static ads

Mazda tapped IBM Cloud Video to unveil new car model within online ads.

Mazda Live Ad- Logo

Online ads don’t have the greatest reputation. Many users install ad blockers, prompting calls for the ad industry to produce better ads that don’t disrupt the viewing experience. Advertisers would do well to study Mazda’s example—one that’s earned it first place in the “Marketing/PR Design” category of PR Daily’s 2016 Visual and Infographics Awards.

To reveal its CX-5 crossover vehicle at the 2016 Los Angeles Auto Show, Mazda streamed live video of the car’s unveiling directly into online ads appearing on sites like Motor Trend. In 2015, using standard ads for a vehicle introduction, Mazda attracted some 3,000 views. 

The next year, employing IBM Cloud Video Live Ads, the same event attracted more than 300,000 views and substantial click-throughs. Mazda also uses the live video stream within ads to engage users with a first-person view of racing, all through the simple mounting of a smartphone in the car. 

Congratulations to Alan Drummer and Lee Payne for not just delivering impressive results with their campaign, but also for innovating and entirely new, compelling approach to product launches. 

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