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Adaptable, responsive app/website tailored for press trips

The app enabled the agency to interact with reporters during their travels.

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Travel public relations is a highly competitive business, with thousands of destinations vying for the attention of travel writers and journalists. Diamond PR’s approach was an app composed of multiple responsive websites that can be adapted to any press trip, including multiple trips occurring simultaneously. The app and websites are so effective that Diamond PR won first place in the “Website Design” category of PR Daily’s 2016 Visual and Infographics Awards.

Diamond PR hosts some 75 press trips annually, with four or five journalists traveling to a destination and following an itinerary designed to give them a complete view of everything the destination has to offer. The websites include information about the destination, the journalists’ itinerary, images, travel guidelines and more. 

The app also enables Diamond PR to interact with journalists during their trips, and allows journalists to engage via social media with a designated trip hashtag through built-in social network links. Diamond has developed easy-to-follow guides for first-time users of the app, which also features contact details for the destination and the agency, suggestions for what to bring on the trip, flight information and a treasure trove of other material. 

The app is also drop-dead gorgeous, earning praise from news outlets including Glamour, Forbes, Conde Nast, Weddings Illustrated, and Lonely Planet.

Congratulations to Diamond PR’s Eduardo Gonzalez for his outstanding work.

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