Bizarre job titles that are perfect for PR

Enough with the highfalutin’ titles. Why not something like ‘Director of Chaos,’ which is actually the name of an employer at a beer maker.

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Where do you go after “Director and Media Strategist, Global Consumer and Brand Marketing Practice”? And is it vastly different from being “Executive Vice President/Global Strategy and Insight?” Phew, I am tired just saying the titles, let alone knowing what they actually mean.

These flagrant examples of “title-fluffing” sent me on a search for interesting job titles in other industries, and I found some that I believe better capture what many agency people really do.

Head Worm Wrangler. Kind of requires no explanation! In actuality, a worm wrangler is part of a “vermicomposting” operation—an ecologically sound waste-disposal service using worms, of course, to do the work.

Director of Chaos. Ever been part of a new business team on deadline? Every agency could use an expert in this field. A beer brewer claims to employ one.

Remedy Engineer. Nice way to describe a “crisis counselor” in PR parlance, but it actually refers to civil and environmental engineering.

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