Blogger identifies 70 social media party fouls

Keep it classy, people. Plus, the ‘secret’ to In-N-Out Burger’s success, Victoria’s Secret opens at Cowboy Stadium, Advertising Week 2012 kicks off, Fox News accidently airs a live suicide, and more.

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It’s not much of a soiree unless there’s a party foul or two—whether it’s the red wine splashed across a buddy’s couch or the pair of soiled trousers hanging over the tub that you swear aren’t yours. Alas, you must take caution. There are only so many times you can get away with apologizing for covering a friend’s cat in maple syrup before they shun you faster than the Amish. The same rules apply online, where when it comes to social media, the party fouls run rampant. In fact, here are 70 you should be aware of to protect your brand, your clients, and yourself.

As for protection of another kind, Jordan Weissman of The Atlantic argues why our nation’s patent system might benefit from being eliminated altogether.

Meanwhile, The Girl Scouts of America will update its trademark boxes of cookies. I doubt they’ll be as flashy as Justin Timberlake’s new Myspace redesign, but then again, I should know better than to underestimate the power of Thin Mints.

Just don’t expect a redesign of In-N-Out Burger’s modest menu any time soon. As OPEN Forum explains, it’s the fast food chain’s “secret menu” that drives its success.

Speaking of secrets, the Dallas Cowboys teamed with Victoria’s Secret to open the lingerie brand’s first stadium store on Monday.

I’m more interested in where I might obtain my own hipster starter kit rather than some sexy negligee for what Forbes has deemed the NFL’s most valuable team.

Sure, the Cowboys pull in plenty of money, but it’s nothing compared to the kind of capital generated by America’s 100 leading media companies. According to Advertising Age, their collective income rose 4.0 percent in 2011, accounting for a record $340 billion in net U.S. media revenue.

Many of those media generators are most likely gathering in New York starting Monday for the kickoff to Advertising Week 2012 (Oct. 1–5). New sponsors of the event—including Adobe, Amazon, AMC Networks, Machinima, Pandora, Premier Retail Networks, Telemundo, Time Inc., and Twitter—join returning sponsors such as AOL, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and Microsoft.

Executives at Fox News might need to worry about losing sponsors after the network accidentally showed a carjacking suspect commit suicide on live television. Coverage of the chase was on a delay, but the producer failed to cut away in time.

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