Brand hires model to strip for Facebook ‘likes’

Does this provocative campaign go too far?

Freeing a model of her clothes—read: stripping—is your “public duty.”

Those are the words of Colin Lamberton, the creative director at ad firm Arnold Amsterdam, which is behind the provocative new Facebook campaign, “Like to see less, and share to undress,” for Stüssy’s Amsterdam branch.

Here’s the gist: A model is dressed head to toe in every piece of clothing from Stüssy’s spring/summer 2012 line. Every time someone “likes” the brand on Facebook, she removes an item of clothing. Currently, the page has 607 likes, and the model, well, she has quite a few more layers to go before the final reveal.

(The official Stüssy Facebook page has 183,000 “likes.”)

Lamberton described the campaign to the blog AdRants:

“As you can imagine the model must be suffocating under that many layers of clothing. It is almost a public duty to free her out of this misery so we are expecting Facebook fans to help out here. Like and undress.”

But does it go too far? That’s what The Next Web asks.

“The use of the word stripper in association with your brand name isn’t necessarily something you would want, now is it? Particularly when you also sell women’s clothing.

“The ad campaign is clearly pointing directly at Stüssy’s male audience, and could easily end up alienating half its consumer base. While it may do its part to boost the Dutch page’s modest fan following … it’s safe to assume that the majority are hitting the ‘like’ button for all the wrong reasons.”

Plus, as The Next Web notes, it might draw scrutiny from Facebook’s censors.

Although the Amsterdam Ad Blog tweeted that the campaign is “nice, simple and effective,” several Twitter members were less amused.

“Well, there is no accounting for taste @stussy,” said one tweet.

Another tweet about the campaign simply asks: “Really?

Either way, the campaign is drawing attention—and followers—to the brand. We’ll see if it’s the kind of attention and following that leads to clothing sales.


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