Brand managers pounce on #NationalCatDay Twitter trend

Many organizations tweeted feline images, jokes, facts and more in effort to celebrate the ‘holiday’ and meow for consumers’ attention. In many cases, it worked.

The internet loves cats.

On Monday, #NationalCat Day trended as many digital marketing and social media teams flexed their muscles to grab attention and engagement.

Merriam-Webster tweeted a link to a brief history of the word “tabby”:

In its post, it wrote:

As the Internet has taught us, however, cats have a way of inserting themselves into all aspects of our lives.

It also tweeted the etymology of “grimalkin”

However, it wasn’t the only organization to share cat-centric wisdom.

Chandra Observatory tweeted a feline-worthy image of supernova remnants, while the Nobel Prize, the Ashmolean Museum, the British Library, the Spy Museum and Mental Floss tweeted cat facts:

National Geographic joined several animal organizations and zoos with pictures of exotic and domesticated cats:

Tribeca Film Festival tweeted a picture of Marlon Brando enjoying quality cat time:

Twitter accounts for several movies, TV shows and plays, including “James Bond,” “Ralph Wrecks the Internet,” “Cats,” “Gotham,” “The Lego Movie 2” and “The Godfather” featured their feline stars:

Others, including, Amazon Web Services and Billboard used the holiday as an excuse to embrace cats and boost engagement:

National Cat Day also ventured into politics with tweets from the U.S. Secret Service and activitist group The People for Bernie:

Even other social media platforms, including Snapchat, Instagram and Tumblr, pounced on the trending hashtag:

No matter what the tweet or how tied to the brand it was, the efforts grabbed many likes, retweets and comments.

It serves as a reminder of the digital PR and marketing opportunities connecting to Twitter trends. These national “holidays” are also often an excuse for organizations to get involved, so Twitter users are often less annoyed (or even favorable) toward branded tweets.

How are you celebrating the cat-themed “holiday,” PR Daily readers?


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