Brands crank up St. Patrick’s Day campaigns

From a law office’s creative letter about public drunkenness to a photo campaign and one brand’s decision to pull out of a parade, marketers are feeling lucky about their festive promotions.

St. Patrick’s Day is Monday, but brands have been hard at work in tapping the holiday to promote their wares in time for the weekend. And while the holiday is often associated with binge drinking and good ol’ American, er, Irish excess, it’s not just booze brands that are hopping on the bandwagon. Digital signage company Aerva is promoting itself by posting users’ pictures (with their permission) in the most public space in the United States, New York’s Times Square. All you have to do is show the company “your Irish-ness” by tweeting a picture to @AervaNYC or emailing it to The message is then put up on a Times Square display: It’s totally free, and there’s more feature, according to

Once displayed, a link to your personal St. Patrick’s Day photo, taken from high above Times Square, is returned to you commemorating the occasion. The keepsake photo is shareable with friends and family across your social networks, like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Pinterest, or can be downloaded directly through various one-touch sharing icons.

Among the most unlikely St. Patrick’s Day campaigns is Speaker of the House John Boehner’s Friends of Ireland campaign to raise awareness of … a luncheon that none of us are invited to. One brand is taking a stand for gay rights this holiday. Beer maker Sam Adams has reportedly pulled out of the annual Boston St. Patrick’s Day Parade because its organizers refuse to allow gay veterans and people from the LGBTQ community openly march in it. #TAXI has teamed up with brands including Guinness, Jose Cuervo (that delicious Irish spirit) and other boozy brands to encourage people to “get home safe” with a series of posters and “digital creative”: The law office of attorney Donald Etra sent out this letter reminding St. Patrick’s revelers and Jewish Purim celebrants that the consequences for drunk driving and public intoxication are always the same, no matter what holiday it is.

The award for “you’re barely even trying” this year goes to Dunkin’ Donuts. In addition to a few green sprinkles on their donuts, they’re offering mint in just about everything, from coffees to their Mint Oreo donuts.

See a St. Patty’s brand campaign you liked? Tell us about it in the comments. (Image via, via & via)


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