Burt’s Bees distills famous books into Vine videos

The first of the personal care brand’s videos, which use products like puppets, coincide with the announcement of the Nobel Prize for literature.

Move over, “Cliff’s Notes.”

Burt’s Bees is following in the footsteps of brands that have turned to Vine to display their creativity six seconds at a time.

Their first submissions are timely with the announcement of the Nobel Prize for literature going to Alice Munro.

Here are the first two, in all their literary, but brief glory:

So, they’re recreations of classic pieces of literature, hashtag #6secondclassics, made with Burt’s Bees products. The first to hop on the Vine recreation scene was Smart Car USA, with its versions of Oscar Night nominees.

Although Adweek says Burt’s Bees’ attempts fall flat, it’s tough to judge a brand too harshly for taking a risk in a medium that is still fairly new. There are more planned in the series, but it should probably be noted that this seems like a lot of effort for nine retweets and a couple of mentions in industry publications.

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