Can writing greatness be taught?

A point/counterpoint debate tries to determine whether nature or nurture can make a writer. Also, the writing gender gap, and much more.

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As you get older, rest assured, you accept failure as part of your writing life. You realize the many forms failure can take: There is sentence-to-sentence failure, in which the words fly from your brain out the window or throw themselves on the page like suicide bombers. There is the failure to get on the page what is in your head. There is a failure of will. There is organizational failure, in which you wind up collapsing.

Writing for the love of it: I’m not sure I buy the idea that there’s nobility in being a starving writer, but with the platform-building model driving much of writing on the Internet, there’s a re-emergence of those who write lots of words (or “content”) for little or no money. Sameer Rahim writes in The Telegraph that this is a return to the old way of things, and not so bad, after all.

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