Chipotle hones loyalty to bring consumers back

The burrito-chain is giving back to consumers—again. This time, instead of a one-off giveaway, managers will offer the brand’s first customer loyalty program.

Chipotle’s brand managers are trying everything to get people to rekindle their bygone obsessions with the fast-casual burrito pioneer.

Last month, consumers lined up for free burritos. This month, there’s a new marketing game at play—the loyalty program.

Perhaps more regular free food and increased customer appreciation/attention will do the trick and help slumping sales—Chipotle posted its first quarterly loss in the wake of last year’s highly publicized E. coli breakouts. It showed a net loss of $26 million in the first quarter, but perhaps this was the expected outcome after enticing consumers with free product.

The brand’s chief development officer, Mark Crumpacker, announced the loyalty program during an earnings call, but he didn’t give specifics. He said the program would be temporary, but left open the “possibility of a permanent program.” RELATED: Inspire trust in your community with quick and effective crisis management plans.

As an additional lure, Chipotle will add a chicken/pork chorizo sausage blend to its menu that will include, according to CEO Steve Ells, plenty of “crispy bits, nice spice, and really good texture.” The chain has tried out chorizo in some stores in the past, but it plans to rake the product nationwide in the coming weeks.

Do you think a customer loyalty program will help or hurt Chipotle’s sales, PR Daily readers? (Image via)


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