Coke Zero dares fans to design the ugliest Christmas sweater

The soft drink brand worked with an agency to create a microsite for the promotion. Would-be designers have made some doozies.

Ironic ugly sweaters, consider yourself officially ruined by corporate America. A few years ago, you could wear an ugly Christmas sweater out on a bar crawl and people would look at you sideways—but that was the point. It was fun, novel and ironically wonderful. Now, Coca-Cola Zero wants you to create a “custom” ugly Christmas sweater, submit your crummy design and convince your friends to vote for it. Get the most votes, win your custom-designed ugly sweater. The top 100 will win sweaters made from their designs. Thanks, Coke Zero. You’ve officially brand-jacked what was once something cool and fun for friends to do around the holidays. Droga5 is to blame for building the Coke Zero Sweater Generator. And before you get too excited to build your own, keep in mind that it will contain Coke branding in a tag at the bottom.

That said, making ugly sweaters online is pretty addictive. (Image via)


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