Compton-inspired T-shirts pulled ‘straight outta’ online store

A new line from Forever 21 didn’t last forever after consumers quickly voiced their grievances with the clothing retailer’s ‘cultural appropriation.’

This story is straight outta … the annals of bad brand decisions.

Someone working for clothier Forever 21 is clearly a fan of early ’90s rap and expressed that love in the form of T-shirts. Last week, the company tweeted, “New arrivals… straight outta Compton.” The tweet contained a photo of white models wearing an N.W.A. tank top, a “City of Compton” shirt, and an Ice Cube sweatshirt.

The Twitterati hated it. Just absolutely hated it.

“Cultural appropriation” is the phrase The Huffington Post chose to describe it.

Salon was even less forgiving:

” … what’s ridiculous is when retailers are not, in fact, reflecting a broad spectrum of interests but peddling a specifically OG imagery and doing it almost exclusively on white bodies.”

They took down the tweet, and you can’t buy the shirts anymore.

However, the image can still be seen on this page in the lower right corner as part of a rotating banner ad.

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