Consumers say AT&T is the worst in customer satisfaction

For the second straight year. But the news isn’t all-bad for the cell carrier, according to the results of a Consumer Reports survey.

Call me the worst cellphone carrier once, shame on me. Call me the worst carrier two years in a row and my name would be AT&T.

For the second straight year, Consumer Reports named AT&T last in customer satisfaction among major cell carriers. Verizon, meanwhile, remains atop the list again.

But the news isn’t all-bad for AT&T, according to the company’s hometown newspaper, the San Francisco Chronicle:

“There was one ‘not-so-insignificant’ silver lining for AT&T: It had the best higher-speed 4G network—’that is to say, it’s the one that drew the least amount of complaints,’ said Consumer Reports spokesman James McQueen.”

Here’s a list of the top-rated cellphone carriers, including the little guys:

1. Consumer Cellular
2. U.S. Cellular
3. Credo Mobile
4. Verizon Wireless
5. Sprint
6. T-Mobile
7. AT&T

To determine the rankings, Consumer Reports surveyed 63,253 subscribers in September.

Any surprises?

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